Vert Shock Reviews : Increase Your Vertical Jump

Playing basket ball and excelling in it need not be a complex process. The Vert Shock review shows the right method to adopt at the right time and achieve the right height. Your chances are scoring increase by more than 70%. You spend lesser energy and achieve better results at lesser time.

vert-shock-reviewsThis way, you are able to play for longer hours without getting tired of your frequent jumping in the basketball court. Your rankings go up in your team. Your performance level is always at the peak. You are getting all these benefits naturally, without depending on any sort of steroids or other painful methods.

This is the world of Vert shock for you, a system that delivers more than what it promises. Of course there are many who tried this method and obtained partial success. There are also many who have succeeded more than their own expectations. What could be the difference?

It is simple; it is the willingness to follow a simple program regularly. When you are able to honestly adopt the simple techniques explained in FOLKERSYSTEM, you are sure to succeed. Besides, you get to follow an equally simple and healthy diet pattern. This pattern helps in keeping your entire body and mind free from toxic elements and encourages energy conservation.

When this magic system was introduced for the first time, there were a lot of skeptics and it was natural. So many methods had been tried out so far. But almost all of them focused only on one aspect namely sub maximal jump-height. That means, your body was always in a state of friction while trying to improve your jumping height, which also means you will have to spend that extra amount of energy in order to increase your jumping height every time.

vert-shockThis method works, but only for a shorter time. If you are playing in a tournament where you play a series of games, your physical reflexes naturally wane off. Your performance levels also decrease with every extra minute you spend in the court. Soon, you will find that your opponents are scoring over you. This is primarily happening as they are able to exploit the gap in your energy level.

When you switch over to Vert shock, you will experience a complete different approach to your jump-training. The focus is to make you achieve your maximum height every time. There are some critical parameters that are taken into consideration in this method.

Each of these parameters is perfected and made in tune with your Individual body and mind. This method works because it is not forcing your body into doing anything abnormal. It is a method where your body and mind get conditioned to maximum performance, let us see how

  1. Increase your body’s explosive power naturally. This needs energy conservation. Imagine a powerful battery that drains out fast, pitted against one that preserves energy and runs longer, giving the higher volume of energy and better peak performance. This is the difference Vert shock can bring to your body. Your body is tuned naturally to perform at explosive levels. This needs an energy boosting and conserving diet. The Jumpers diet checklist has all the answers to a planned diet. By simply adopting and following this regular routine, you are
    1. Improvising your energy consumption, spending and conservation cycle. This is a simple mathematical equation. Using conventional methods of diet you did consume lot of nutrients and vitamins. But you spent maximum energy in your pre-training or pre-tournament sessions that you were practically left with little less than 50% of your actual energy during your training and tournament session. This revolutionary diet method is efficient in tuning your entire body into a single streamline of energy system. You tend to spend less energy and conserve more.
    2. Protecting your body from injuries and improvising the healing time. The foods listed here help increase your immunity, strengthen your muscles, tune your nerves and remove every toxic substance from your body. Your reflex actions improve. Your vertical jumping efficiency is given a natural boost in every session.
    3. Increasing your body flexibility. This is a critical factor. You will need this in order to dunk and bend your body with the same agility of a gymnast. You might have observed Jordan while he plays. He never tries to get into physical clashes with the opponent. The same technique is adopted by most of the successful basket players in the world today. The technique is to avoid friction. Friction takes away almost 80% of your energy. When you are able to dunk effortlessly, your scoring pattern naturally stabilizes. You are able to score more number of baskets per session.
    4. Sustaining your performance over longer duration of time. With this approach, you will be able to reach your maximum height every time you jump. That means your performance level is always at the peak.
  2. Increase your defensive capability. Defense is an element in basketball which is equally important as offence. That means you will have to prevent your opponent from scoring. This is easily achieved when you are able to block all his moves with your agile movement and vertical jumping ability. When you are able to do it efficiently, you are increasing the chances of ball possession %. The more time you have the ball under your control, the better chances you have for scoring. This is where you will be combining defense equally with offense. The Vert Shock system shows you precisely how to do it in simple steps.
  3. When you are in the training session, you will need some extra court-time in order to make real improvements. It is natural that the most energetic player will get more time. With this method you will be able to earn the appreciation and fondness of your coach within a short time. Your grades will increase and you get better opportunities to play in major tournaments. You are in line with a chance to be counted for the national leagues, as many successful players have practically done before.